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Professional Development

Learning Works, Vermont’s Adult Education and Literacy system, supports the professional growth and training of staff in the field. Training directly supports the needs and interests of teachers and support staff, and is designed to strengthen our work so that students get the most out of their learning experiences.


Learning Works provides a program of regularly scheduled trainings and workshops, in addition to ongoing support and applied learning opportunities, including workshops, courses, sharing groups, mentoring, study circles, and more. 


For more information, please contact the professional development coordinator at 802-828-5144.


Within Learning Works, the Professional Development Team is a task group charged with statewide responsibility for designing, implementing, and advising on professional development opportunities. Each provider is represented on the team as follows:


Vermont Agency of Education: Kate Nicolet

CVABE: Ed Pirie

NEKLS: Chris Hardy

TTC: Jack Glade

VAL:  Alison Moncrief Bromage, Luke Dowley, Cathryn Hayes



Professional Development Opportunities

New staff orientation courses


All new staff should take this self-paced, non-facilitated, online course within 6 months of hire. The course is called “Orientation to Adult Education and Literacy in Vermont” and it was first available in August 2009. Click here to download instructions to access the course, including your enrollment keys.


Another online orientation course specifically pertaining to the Equipped for the Future content standards is available by following the same directions given above.


Individual Professional Development Plans


This is a thoughtful plan that you develop and revisit often to keep your efforts and activities for your professional growth on track. It has four components including assessment of your current knowledge and abilities, designation of goals and priorities, creation of a plan to achieve those goals and priorities, and a regular review of your progress with ongoing revisions to your goals and priorities.


You make this plan with the input and direction of your supervisor, and use student and program data to inform your plan. One suggestion is to consult with other staff that you work with at your center for other feedback on your plan.


While this plan is individual and can take the format that best suits you and addresses the four components, there is a format that you are encouraged to use. Click here to download an electronic copy.  Be sure to save it to your own computer.


Learning Works Professional Development Calendar and Registration


The calendar is a clearinghouse for a variety of professional development activities. The Summer/Fall 2013 calendar is here.  The calendar and event registration features are moving to the Vermont Educator Exchange ( in July 2013.  Also, please click here for a quick sheet on resources to prepare for the 2014 GED changes and Common Core State Standards within the context of providing high quality adult education, including a math and writing workshop series.



Mini-Grant Applications


This year, as a new professional development offering, some mini-grant funding is available to individual or groups of Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) staff persons, including but not limited to teachers, plan managers, assessors, employment specialists, administrative and support staff, who are interested in conducting specific research or completing projects related to their work and of systemic benefit.  Vermont Agency of Education AEL team is looking to support professional development mini-grant proposals that foster "problem-solving" and "product development" as professional development; we want to spark innovation, commitment and the identification of dissemination of effective practices via these mini-grants.  Click HERE for the application.



Site-based Professional Development ("PD Week")


On a regular basis, full service AEL centers offer professional development opportunities as a response to staff needs and program priorities. The managers of the sites will engage the staff in planning these opportunities, and will allow the necessary time for planning that staff need to implement new concepts into their everyday practices with adult learners.


Teacher Mentoring Program


Both teachers who seek the regular, ongoing mentoring support of an experienced teacher, as well as experienced teachers who would like to mentor another teacher, are encouraged to apply to participate in this program. Managers may also nominate teachers to serve as mentors. Use the attached forms to learn more and to express your interest in the Teacher Mentoring Program.


Mentoring Program Description

Mentee Registration and Interest Form

Mentor Nomination Form


Quality Standards
These professional development standards and indicators were adopted by the Learning Works Professional Development Team in January 2010 as a guide for a quality professional development system in Vermont.  Click here to read the 11 standards.

Professional Development Handbook


This is a concise reference document for managers and others to explain the in’s and out’s of professional development in Learning Works.   Click here to download.



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